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« on: August 24, 2016, 11:43:26 pm »
Community Rules
The following rules are applicable on the server, forum, IRC or any other communication channel related to Sharks vs Marios.

  • Flaming: All community members are required to show respect to other members. Flaming, insulting or any other methods of personal attacks are prohibited.
  • Spamming: Repeatedly posting nonsense or flooding the chat with irrelevant messages is not allowed.
  • Pornography: Sharing adult links or media containing any sexual content is not allowed.
  • Piracy: Sharing links or media containing any pirated, illegal content, cheats or hacks is not allowed.
  • Racism/Discrimination: Inflammatory or disrespecting remarks about a member's country, race, religion, gender or culture is not allowed.
  • Privacy: Sharing links or media containing any personal content owned by other community members without their permission is not allowed.
  • Advertising: Promoting other VCMP servers, advertising their information or comparing their features with Sharks vs Marios is not allowed.
  • Impersonation: Faking another member's identity or logging into other member's accounts is not allowed.
  • Arguing with administration: Publicly contesting admin decisions or provoking an argument related to administrative actions is not allowed.

All members are required to keep their communication respectable. If you feel you are provoked, report the person rather than taking matters in your own hands. It is allowed to express discontent at a civil level, however it should not escalate into a flame war.
Words do not hurt anyone, intentions do. You do not need to censor your words or other server names in chat or forum. However, if your intentions are to insult other community members or promote other communities over our server(advertising) then it would be considered as a breach of rules.
If you have a problem with an administrator, send a PM to the server Manager/Head Admins on forum rather than ranting about it on public chat or forum.

Server Rules
  • Hacking: Using any method that would grant you an advantageous feature that is not achievable in vanilla GTA Vice City is not allowed.
  • Cheating: Using modifications that directly affect the game play or grant an unfair advantage is not allowed.
  • Death Evading: Intentionally discrediting a kill or a death is not allowed.
  • Bug Abuse: Using commands, server or VCMP shortcomings to your own unfair advantage is not allowed.
  • Stats Padding: Gaining kills or other competitive statistics through staged combat or false methods is not allowed.
  • Ruining Gameplay: Attempting to play with unplayable lag, unstable connection or using VPN is not allowed.
  • Interfering with Administration: Obstructing an administrative task being carried out or disobeying an admin is prohibited.
  • Misguiding: Misguiding new players or any other false assistance is prohibited.

Cosmetic modifications are allowed, however modifying the game in any way that grants an unfair advantage is not allowed. A rule of the thumb to figure out if a modification is allowed or not is: Does it give you an advantage that is impossible to achieve in a Vanilla game?
A minor offense, like falling off a roof during combat is tolerable. However, intentionally discrediting a kill by pausing, quitting or any other mean is punishable.
If you were kicked for having an unplayable lag, do not attempt to play anymore without attempting a fix.
If a new player asks for help, help him genuinely. If you don't know the solution to a problem, do not give wrong advice. /q jokes are old.
If you see a bug in the scripts that is deemed to be abused, report it to an admin rather than exploiting it to your own advantage.

Combat Rules
  • Rocket: Using rockets in close combat is not allowed.
  • FPV Glitching: Abusing First Person View to gain unfair advantage with certain weapons is not allowed.
  • Slide Glitching: Sliding with any weapons apart from Shotguns or sprint-able weapons is not allowed.
  • Hindering Team: Supporting Sharks while spawned as a Mario or vice versa is not allowed by any method.
  • Spawn Camping: Attacking players when they spawn without giving them a chance to fight back is not allowed.
  • Wall Glitching: Shooting players through any collisions is not allowed in any situation.

You may shoot and move with a rocket, but it is not allowed to use Rockets in a shotgun combat range.
If you are very close to the enemy spawn and not sure if you are spawn camping, make sure that you let him fire the first shot. It is allowed to kill someone on spawn if he engages you first.
Wall glitching is forbidden. It is disabled through scripts and you may not snipe people through collisions.
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Re: Rules
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 10:34:13 pm »
Rules Changelog, 8th September 2016

Quote from: Old rule regarding wall glitching
  • Wall Glitching: Attacking players through any collisions is not allowed in any situation.
New Rule:
  • Wall Glitching: Shooting players through any collisions is not allowed in any situation.

Minor clarification regarding wall glitching. You may not shoot players with guns through collisions. It is allowed to attack them with explosives, flames and melee weapons.